Trojans News · NFL Pro Bowl Legacy Project

Evans football players and coaches helped to revitalize Ivey Lane Park by planting trees, pollinator plants, and a community  garden, alongside partners of the NFL and the NFL Legends (Emmitt Smith, Brian Urlacher, Demarcus Ware).

Head Coach – Vernon Mitchell

Assistant Coach – Carlos Everett


  1. Diondre Crooke
  2. Mike Laplante
  3. Virgil Young
  4. Jomaal Destina
  5. Tamon Lynum
  6. Daequan Coller
  7. Jean Winston Philemon
  8. Raequan Ousley
  9. Daniel Desillon
  10. Caleb Bazil
  11. Kevaughn Wallace
  12. Junior Desobert
  13. Jeremiah Tetteh
  14. Eric Daniely
  15. T’Mareo Head
  16. Denzel Williams
  17. Damon Britton
  18. Ali Ngomesia