Coach Andrew Browne

Boys and Girls Volleyball Head Coach

Andrew Browne has been playing or coaching volleyball for over 30 years.  His playing career began when his 8th grade Social Studies teacher and volleyball coach, Mr. John Zloty, asked him if he wanted to play volleyball. He has coached or played in four states and always has worked to get the most out of his players, by making the game fun and enjoyable for players of all ability types. The 2017 Boys season was the first year coaching at Evans High School. Due to his players’ hard work and dedication, he was named Coach of the Year for Metro West Boys Volleyball in 2017. He is an English teacher and loves to read and talk about literature and novels. In his spare time he loves to spend time with his future Olympic Volleyball player son, Jack (who is 8, no pressure there put on him!) and the rest of his family.